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Két sắt Saflok - 214D

Mã: Saflok - 214D
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Dimension       : 178H x 483W x 305D (mm)

-       Weightght       : 19 kg

Features & Benefis:
Programmable Personal Code Entry Guests choose their own personal four-digit code to lock/unlock the safe
Illuminated Keypad Energy-saving, brightly lights keys for easy adaptability and enhanced operation
Emergency Control Unit (ECU) -
Handheld Programmer
An easy-to-use handheld unit can be programmed with up to 64 unique 4 digit passwords to be used
as the safe opening code. The ECU can be used as an emergency unit to unlock the safe if a guest
forgets their code or leaves it locked after check out.
Audit Trail – Single Option Available The ECU allows to download the last 240 entries, showing who used the safe and in which room. This
data may be viewed and printed via the safe audit software.
Resident Master Code The resident master code has the ability to unlock the safe directly on the safe keypad and override
any code set by a guest.
Code Blocking Guards against unauthorized use after 3 failed access attempts
Battery Override The ECU allows access to the safe if battery failure occurs
One-Touch Battery Audit Instantly obtain battery conditions by touching the # key on the digital keypad
Quick-Access Battery Panel Standard AA alkaline batteries are housed behind an access panel inside the door so that there is no
need to remove the entire door cover for battery replacement.

Made in: USA 
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