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Safes Logger Unit

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The state-of-the-art Safe Logger Unit (SLU) has been designed to open the safe in
case of emergency and also to perform security management tasks

The SLU is a very easy unit to use and it has an interactive LCD light display with full operation instructions. If there is any suspicion of theft from a safe, the unit can detect and download the last 400 events from the safe, which includes the Hotel name, room number, employee's name and ID, date & time of each event and the date of the print out. This dramatically reduces fraudulent liability claims, saving you both time and money. All downloaded data can be viewed on the SLU screen at all times, and the SLU can be connected directly to a standard or POS printer to obtain a hard copy of the data.

 The SLU can be programmed to work on a specific property, thus allowing each hotel to set their own Override codes, in order to open safes in emergency cases. The SLU allows 4 programming security levels in order to control the programming of the users. Different authorized users can then operate the SLU by setting their own codes.

 The SLU unit includes a "self" audit memory up to the last 500 events on the SLU itself, including the user ID, time & date, room number and the type of events the user operated with the unit (like open safe, download data, changing programming etc.). This reports is immune to power failure or attempts at deletion.

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