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Kaba Credentials

Kaba uses state-of-the-art processes to manufacture & test keycards in-house on specialty equipment. From the basic magnetic stripe keycards that simply carry room access information, to contactless RFID tags with sophisticated information storage applications, Kaba has the solution to suit your particular needs.

Magstripe Keycards
Magnetic Stripe (Magstripe) keycards are the credential most commonly used in hotels today. Magstripe cards are available in low & high coercivity which determines the magnetic intensity of the card. High coercivity keycards are almost impossible to demagnetize.

RFID Keycards & Key Fobs
RFID credentials are fast becoming the choice of hotels seeking to enhance customer convenience while reducing operational costs and are available in keycard, wristband and keyfob form. One of the major benefits of the contactless system is that there is virtually no wear-and-tear since there is no contact between the lock terminal and the card.


Other Options
Custom-Designed Keycards
Kaba’s custom-designed keycards add an element of distinction to your property. You simply provide Kaba with your electronic artwork, and we take care of the rest.  

Stock Keycards for Back-of-house
Keep track of your staff and control employee access with color-coded back-of-house keycards.

Green Keycards
Kaba offers a green keycard constructed from 100% recycled polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. Kaba’s keycard return program encourages recycling by offering hotels used keycard disposal options.

RFID Credentials
RFID credentials are designed for use with Kaba contactless electronic locks. There are three types available: keycards, wristbands, and key fobs. 

Features Common to MIFARE Classic (4 byte NUID) Mini, 1K, and 4K Credentials
• Compatible with existing MIFARE infrastructures
• Operates at 13.56MHz in accordance with ISO 14443A
• Securely separated sectors supporting multi-application

MIFARE 4K Standard – for Lock Audit keycards and Staff keycards
• Features 4K EEPROM read/write memory. Holds up to 400 log records and/or variable keys
• Can be used to download audit trails from locks or as staff keycards to store large staff movement audit trails

MIFARE 1K Standard – for Staff or Guest keycards
• Features 1K EEPROM read/write memory. Perfect for Staff keycards as they hold up to 70 log records and/or variable keys

MIFARE Mini – for Guest keycards (six variable keys)
• Tailored to applications that require only small memory size (e.g. guest access control or loyalty cards)
• A cost-effective solution for contactless smart guest keycards, it offers the same security features and file structure as
MIFARE 1K Standard, but without the available memory for card audit trail






Memory (in bytes)

320 bytes

1024 bytes

4096 bytes

Log Records*




Variable  Keys*








* Where applicable, figures may vary depending on lock programming



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