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Software Atlas System

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(Advanced Technology Lodging Access System)

ATLAS is an intuitive web-based access management system that offers comprehensive 

centralized auditing & enhanced reporting features. ATLAS integrates into any hotel IT infrastructure
and provides hotels with a user friendly and efficient method of managing & controlling access
and collecting both system and lock data

Compatible with Solitaire 710/710-II, Generation E-760, 770 and 790 locks

• Suitable for small to very large scale hotels
• Mag Stripe and RFID systems
• PMS/POS/Self check-in kiosk interfacing Security Features
• Time-based access control system with user selectable keycard expiry
• Keycard encryption: proprietary and unique to each installation
• Encrypted keycards using a proprietary encryption algorithm (the data on the card does not reveal the room number)
• Operator password required for any system operation
• Operator levels: 8
• Audit trail: unlimited keycard-making transactions, sorted by room, operator, or key type

System Features

Property Size

Maximum 16,000 rooms and 1,000 suites (maximum of 8 inner  doors per suite)

Common Areas

8 guest and 16 staff common areas plus 64 additional common areas (V.3.1 with 790 V.2)

Restricted Areas


Staff Access Levels

5 Sub-Master levels per lock: 255  sections, 255  floors,  255  areas, 255  groups, 255  zones

Room# Description

64 characters (alphanumeric digits)

Keycards Validity

Selectable from one hour  to 7 years

Pre-registered Guest

Keycards can be made up to 10 days  in advance

 Time  Zone

Predefined time zones available for staff keycards in locks
8 customer defined time zones available for guest, staff & passage option in RAC card  reader & 790-II


Low/high coercivity track 1, 2 or 3 magnetic stripe cards or Mifare Classic (4 byte  NUID) Mini, 1K, or 4K RFID cards

Keycard Handling

Motorized or RFID encoder



Server Operating System

See minimum  requirements on NEXT page

Number of Workstations

50  maximum LAN/WAN

Workstation Browser

IE 6.0 and higher

Communication with  Locks

Through the  Kaba M-Unit

Minimum Requirements Server


Windows XP PRO, Vista Business (32 or 64 bits), Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server
7 Professional (32 or 64 bits)


NET Framework 2.0 Web Server - IIS (Internet Information Services) Message queuing


CPU – Dual core  or above, RAM – 2GB, Serial  port (for serial  PMS only), The server must be on the  hotel network with a static IP address.

 Workstations (minimum)


Windows XP Pro, Vista Business, Windows 7 Professional


Internet Explorer, NET Framework 2.0


CPU – P4 or above, RAM -1GB (recommended), Serial  port (For serial  PMS only) USB ports (for encoders), IMPORTANT NOTICE: Windows Home is not suited for network applications.


Windows with name resolution: e.g. DNS Server

 ATLAS Characteristics


SQL-SERVER 2005 Express

Reports (view and  print)

System activities
Lock audits
Lock operations Database – Employee list Database – Access  point list Database – Operators list Operator login / logout

 PMS Interface Connection

Kaba serial  interface
Option: web service (XML/SOAP)

POS  Interface

ISO Standard for track 2 or specific  RFID sector

Employee ID

ISO Standard for track 2 or specific  RFID sector

Remote Management / Diagnostics

 Downloadable App from client


Motorized encoder ILCO format
Motorized encoder THRIFT format Contactless encoder (Mifare Classic (4 byte  NUID) Credentials)

 Maintenance Unit

Kaba M-Unit Operates in accordance with ISO 1444 3A


Standard Factory Warranty

Two years

Extended Warranty

ILCO Service Plans  (Platinum, Gold, Silver)



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