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Front Desk Unit (FDU)

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Front Desk Unit (FDU)


The FDU is an all-in-one portable device that encodes keycards and programs & audits electronic locks without the need for a separate computer or any IT infrastructure.
With an 8 hour battery backup, the FDU can continue to manage the system even during a power failure. The FDU is ideal for small to mid-scale hotels seeking a simple and
cost effective solution for managing their door locking system.

Compatible with 700-II, Solitaire 710/710-II,
Generation E-760, 770 and 790 locks

Security Features
• Time-based access control system with
user selectable keycard expiry
• Keycard encryption: proprietary and
unique to each installation
• Security: authorization keycard or PIN required
for any FDU operation
• Different authorization levels, ranging from
front desk staff to upper management users
• Setup and audit memory: internal real time
clock with non-volatile memory

System Features

Property Size

16,000 rooms and 1,000 common door  suites (maximum of 8 inner  doors per suite)

Common Areas

8 guest and 16 staff areas

Restricted Areas


Staff Access Levels

3 Master levels and 5 Sub-Master levels per lock: 255  sections, floors,  areas, groups, zones

Room  Number Format

5 digits numeric

Keycards Validity Selectable

From one hour  to 7 years

Pre-registered Guest

Keycards can be made up to 10 days  in advance

 Time  Zone

Predefined time zones available for staff keycards in locks 8 customer defined time zones available for guest, staff & passage option in RAC card  readers

 Keycards Read and  Encoded

Low or high coercivity, track 1, 2 or 3 magnetic stripe cards and Mifare Classic

Credentials (4 byte  NUID)

Keycard Handling

Manual swipe with wide acceptable speed range for magnetic stripe keycard

Communication Ports

Serial  and USB, for Flash drive and Kaba USB printer

Communication with  Locks

Programming module

Communication with  Other
FDUs, PMS Interface


Serial  cable


Upgradeable, via USB

FDU Characteristics

Mode of Operation

Encoder for Front Desk or back-of-house (optionally interfaced to PMS), portable Lock Maintenance Unit

Power Supply

9V plug-in power  supply  available for North  America,  European, U.K. and Australia

Battery Backup

Internal, minimum  8-hour duration (unit fully operable) with low battery alarm


English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German


Last 4000 keycard-making transactions, sorted by room,  authorization, or key type
The FDU can store up to 10 lock audits in memory Either type of audit (lock and FDU log) can be reviewed on screen, shared on a PC or printed for record keeping on any standard printer

 Physical Characteristics


2 Lbs (0.9Kg)


7.2 (W) X 9.5 (L) X 2.2 (H) inches (180 X 240 X 57 mm)

Housing Construction

Impact  resistant plastic (black), with rubber feet and carrying handles

 Environmental Operating Conditions 

Certifications, Approvals and  Testing

1,000,000 swipe life expectancy
Complies  with FCC part 15 class  A
Complies  with the  EMC directives 89/336/EEC, CE certified


Standard Factory Warranty

Two years

Extended Warranty

ILCO Service Plans  (Platinum, Gold, Silver)

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